Good morning.

How to prevent neck pain while working at a computer.

this is a very short blog post by one of my teachers of how to prevent neck pain while working at a computer

Thank you Cindy Black at Big Tree School of Natural Healing for writing this!

And to my brilliant sister for the suggestion to share it!

Here are gratuitous pictures of Sophie & Izzy.

Thank you Jenny for sharing them along

Good morning.

Idea for sharing, considering riches, & what-if’s.

this mind

For better &/or for worse

Travels through each day with the often visiting phrase: 

what if…?

A dreamy mind.

For worse, 

it perpetuates fears & worry.

For better, 

it dreams ideas into the world.

And hopefully it’s not just a trap to avoid being present with what is.

This region has had what I would call “a real winter”

I’ve written before that I love winter.

This region is currently rich with snow.

Which is great, it acts as an insulator for plants, will replenish water tables, & is beautiful too.

Perhaps there is plenty to share.

This is a letter-drawing for my young friend who turns 3 in May.

He is bonkers for all things truck, tractor, motorcycle, & especially heavy machinery.

(He’s also a willing snow shoveler)

And the Southwest & California might be in need of some water.

If anyone is inspired to share this with engineers or people involved in the train/railway system, feel free.

(I already emailed it to the Mayor of Boston)

I’m not an economist, or anything like that, but if many people tended to railways, building & maintaining it, as well as the solar desalinization plants, not to mention all the humans who could person the backhoes & dump trucks, and many farmers & farm workers & so forth, that could add up to a lot of work for the benefit of many.

What if we shared the wealth?

Good morning.

Good morning.

Seeding day & thoughts about this time of year.

another Sunday seeding at Nook & Cranny Farm

Bob is super zippy & filled most of the 4-packs with the seed-starting mix

While I did most of the seeding

More shallots & lettuce, spinach, cabbage, mizuna, mustard, arugula, & 2 types of kale

I might be forgetting something

The greenhouse soon filled up with trays

Every available flat surface was covered

I joked it was time to build another greenhouse 

Even the shelf behind the packing area was utilized

And after a final watering in for the week, a few sprouts emerged

It was in the low 20s today

And snowy

Just on the cusp of Maple Syrup season.

These 4 foot icicles are at another place I work, taken on a sunnier day

And a distant view of the partially frozen lake

A lot of people are really ready for Spring

Lots of grumping.

But this time of year feels special to me

It’s intense, but can change rapidly some years, so it feels extra super special

I always hope the shift is slow

I wish for a good, long Maple Syrup run

The snowmen have lived long lives this winter


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